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Age of Transcendence is a fantasy roguelike/rpg, featuring a fully procedurally generated world, rendered in colorful 16-bit graphics.

This is a pre-alpha version of the game. You can explore the world, create dungeons on demand and explore them too! Every land tile in the overworld can be used as a multi-level dungeon location. So, what can you do in the game?

  • Look. Click & Drag mouse moves the map. Mouse wheel zooms in and out
  • Move. Use arrow keys, or Ctrl-click to plan and execute a path to a destination. Diagonals are allowed if no obstacles are in one of the adjacent directions. Can do while in overworld!
  • Bump attack. Just move towards a tile with an enemy.
  • Ranged attack. Short range at the moment. Use Tab+F1 for a homing bolt, or LeftShift+F1 for a straight bolt
  • Interact. Press Enter when next to a door, fountain or chest for a context-sensitive action. If more than one such entities exist, you'll have to select one of the highlighted ones. 
    • Pressing Enter when over stairs or exit squares will teleport you to a different level or the overworld, respectively. 
    • Pressing Enter in the overworld when on a dungeon tile will transport you to an entry of that level.
  • Press T to teleport to an empty space
  • Press P to pick up items
  • Press I to view your inventory, and use any potions you have
  • Press E to show your equipment. Pressing a slot button would show you the items you can equip there.
  • Press N to execute the Leap and Bounce move, which is a prototype of a funky movement ability.
  • Press & hold M to view the "minimap", which is really a zoomed out view of the map so that it fits your screen.
  • Press & hold to highlight creatures
  • Press & hold Z to highlight interactive objects

You can also use the buttons on the top left to:

  • Save your progress.
  • Load your last save (might take a few seconds)
  • Generate a dungeon in the overworld, typically in the cell under the player.
  • Cycle between the different field of view methods: normal, blind, see everything, ignore obstacles.

What might you encounter in the dungeons?

  • Wandering enemies. They won't hit you!
  • Items on the ground, that you can pick up, and use or equip
  • Treasure chests with items
  • Magic fountains that might restore your health, or poison you
  • Secret doors, if you linger in some areas long enough
  • Locked doors and keys on the ground, not necessarily near each other
  • Various pressure-plate traps (arrow traps, teleporter, etc); they can also be discovered if you linger in an area long enough

Changing things: .json files under Age of Transcendence_Data\StreamingAssets:

  • keysDefault.json: contains key mappings that you can change if you're careful
  • Anything else in there, it's possible to change but not advisable, as it might have undesired effects! 

The game features dynamic weather, so if the map is too dark to your liking, go back to the overworld, take a step or two and return to the level. Each step in the overworld is a few hours, and each step in a level is a few seconds. 

Have fun!


age-of-transcendence-win64.zip 57 MB
Version 0.1 48 days ago
[if missing DLLs] visual studio 2019 x64 redistributable package

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The Key buttons (in the game) should be customable

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! Actually some keys are configurable. If you open Age of Transcendence_Data\StreamingAssets\keysDefault.json you'll see the mappings for several of them. I had forgotten about that, I'll edit the main text. Sorry, it's all a bit rough right now as it's alpha version!

(2 edits) (+1)

I just get a black screen after the Unity logo. Found the error:

ERROR processing JSON file. MESSAGE: E:/DOWN/age-of-transcendence-win64/Age of Transcendence_Data/StreamingAssets/flyweights/gameplay/ActiveAbility.json:
Input string was not in a correct format.
Uploading Crash Report
ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source
  at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToList[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] source) [0x0000d] in <351e49e2a5bf4fd6beabb458ce2255f3>:0 
  at util.Traits.InitFromJson[T] (System.String filename) [0x00006] in <cb216d07482d44869895570eabbce045>:0 
  at ecs.FlyweightsDb.InitFromJson () [0x0005d] in <cb216d07482d44869895570eabbce045>:0 
  at ecs.Ecs.ReloadTraitsAndConfigs () [0x00000] in <cb216d07482d44869895570eabbce045>:0 
  at ecs.Ecs.Start () [0x0000b] in <cb216d07482d44869895570eabbce045>:0 

This is because I'm in Sweden, we use comma as a decimal number separator, so a decimal.parse might fail. If you force the current thread to "en-US" before loading JSON it might work.

Confirmed this by changing region to UK and it worked :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much for sending this, and for verifying the fix! First time I get this error, it would never have crossed my mind! Next release will have that fixed